Friday, July 08, 2011

Shopping :) On a budgettt.

So, I decided to look up a few things you (and I) might need for the rest of your summer.
Sooooo here we go! :)

First off, I found this really cool Covergirl Intense Shadow Blast.

It works so well, and it never washes off. It looks so cool and theres no way someone can't notice it. Its great.

Okay next it shoes. I hate wearing tennis shoes, so I wear Keds :)
These are Champion Philly Limited Edition Keds and I love the way these look. There comfterable and you can do like sporty stuff in them, too.

Now for perfume, we have Justin Bieber's Someday.

Now, even if your not a Justin Bieber fan, this perfume is legitly amazing. It smells so good. I feel in love and bought a bottle :) You will, too when you smell it. Get it at :

Okay, your going to freak when you hear this one, Flirtitude Underwear.

It's super cute and confy and adorable all at once. They have great styles and there at an AMAZING price. You can get them here : or at your local JC Penney.

Now a new style of clothes. Selena Gomez's Dream Out Loud Line at KMart.

So, her clothes are super cute and super affordable. if you can't afford the huge names and shit, this is great and its soo cute.

Now for your hair. Aussie is so great.

I love Aussie products because they work and there truly amazing. I love them so much. Buy them here :

Okay. And thats that! Questions? Yeah, there is a comment box thanks :)

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